Zamey’s Balance Druid guide – 5.1 (MoP)


Table of Contents

• Talents
• Glyphs
• Stats

Reforge & Enchants

Proffesions & Consumables

• UI and Getting Started


Hello and welcome to the Balance Druid guide, In this guide I hope to cover the basics of the class and start to show you some of the move advanced moonkin play. Balance Druids have had a lot of attention in Mists of pandaria and look to be one of the strongest raiding specs going into the expansion.

Which Race should I pick?

The simple answer here is – if your horde you go Troll ( Berserking is an amazing CD )
if your alliance you go Worgen ( 1% crit is also insane for a boomkin )

  • Talents

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed the talent system has been completely redesigned for MoP. Giving us one out of 3 choices per 15 levels.

This is your basic set of talents for Mists. Although ill cover all talents that can be useful.

Tier 1

Wild Charge – This talent allows us to cut down on the time we would normally use to move around during combat. While in Moonkin form casting Wild Charge will cause us to bounce backwards ( think hunter disengage ).
While in Human form casting wild charge will cause you to fly towards a friendly target, almost like an anti life grip. This can be used to get to places in a hurry as you can charge to your own mushrooms if placed well, as well as to a friendly player.

Feline swiftness – Not much to say here, it’s a static 15% run speed which again will cut down on the time you have to move, although I don’t think it has the same utility as Wild Charge

Tier 2

Nature’s Swiftness - A very good talent for PvP and PvE, being able to throw out instant heals and CC. I prefer this talent over renewal due to being able to throw out the heals onto another player to help out the healers, as well as some bosses requiring us to CC adds this comes in handy.

Renewal - Heals you for a flat 30% of your health, good for some fights if you’re going to be taking a lot of damage at a specific point.

Tier 3

Typhoon - Works exactly how it did in Cataclysm except for it now deals no damage, it’s purely there as a knockback.

Faerie Swarm - Slows the target by 50%, this can be good on some encounters where you have to kite mobs. But I still prefer typhoon overall.

Tier 4 

Incarnation - One of the new cooldown’s Balance druids got and it provides us with a lot of burst when combined with lunar eclipse. Remember the damage buff from this only affects are damage during eclipse.

Soul of the Forest - With good gear this talent doesn’t get close to Incarnation however it can pull ahead when playing with low haste rating.

Tier 5 

Ursol’s Vortex - Is really the best choice in this tier, the other 2 talents won’t get used enough to make them worth it in PvE. This talent can really come in handy for keeping adds off tanks to give the healers a bit of a break. Other than that none of these 3 get used a lot in PvE.

Tier 6 

Nature’s Vigil - provides us with another damage cooldown, but this can be used during periods of intense raid damage due to the fact it will heal nearby targets for a % of the damage you deal. Timing this right can potentially stop a wipe by helping out you healers.

Dream of Cenarius - I really dislike this talent although on a complete patchwerk fight it does pull ahead of NV. Although I would wait until you obtain your 4 set before using it as having to heal constantly before dotting can get very frustrating.

  • Glyphs


There are 4 main options here, although one of them depends on your talent choice.

– [Glyph of Stampede] is very nice, being able to cast stampeding roar without wasting the global going into cat form

– [Glyph of Stampeding Roar] again a very nice glyph and almost guarantees every raid member will get the speed increase

– [Glyph of the Moonbeast] this glyph completely depends on if you’re using Dream of Cenarius, because if you’re not chances are you won’t do much healing in Boomkin from making this a waste

– [Glyph of Rebirth] same as before, causes the target of your rebirth to return to 100% health, I would swap this one around with Glyph of the Moonbeast if you’re using Nature’s Vigil


These glyph’s are now completely aesthetic, the only 2 worth mentioning are

– [Glyph of the Stars] stops you looking like a moonkin and instead you look like a priest in shadow form ( just more blue )

– [Glyph of the Stag] players can now mount you while you’re in stag form

  • Stats

First of all, always wear leather. No matter what the intellect upgrade it will never outweigh Leather Specialization. Having just one cloth item equipped means you loose its bonus.

Intellect > Hit = Spirit > Haste (5273) > Crit > Haste > Mastery
Once you get 4 set just go Crit > Haste all the time
Your aiming for 15% Spell hit.

Intellect is the most powerful stat and should be stacked as much as possible. Hit / spirit is a must after intellect, missing as a Boomkin can be very rough as it’s an potentially an extra spell to get into eclipse. After that follow the stat priority of Crit > haste > mastery.

Meta: Always use the Burning Primal Diamond 
Blue: Blue gems should only be gemmed with Purified Imperal Amethyst unless your hit capped in which case you should be using Smooth Sun’s Radiance 
Red: You should be using Smooth Sun’s Radiance if you find yourself under hit cap you can look at using Precise Primordial Ruby 
Yellow: You should be using Smooth Sun’s Radiance 

  • Gear

Raid Bis List

Head: Helm of Eternal Blossom’s 
Neck: Korven’s Amber-Sealed Beetle 
Shoulders: Eternal Blossom Mantle 
Chest: Eternal Blossom Vestment 
Waist: Stonebound Cinch 
Legs: Fear Blackened Leggings 
Feet: Asani’s Uncleansed Sandal’s 
Wrists: Pearlescent Butterfly Wristband’s 
Hands: Eternal Blossom Glove’s 
Finger1: Fragment of Fear Made Flesh 
Finger2: Watersoul Signet 
Trinket1: Essence of Terror 
Trinket2: Light of the Cosmos 
Back: Cloak of Overwhelming Corruption 
Main Hand: Kritak Imperial Scepter of the Swarm 
Off Hand: Tornado Summoning Censer 

Dungeon BiS list

HeadHood of Viridian Residue 
Neck: Mindbreaker Pendant 
Shoulders: Incarnadine Scarlet Spaulders 
Chest: Chestwrap of Arcing Flame 
Waist: Hurricane Belt 
Legs: Leggings of Whispered Dreams 
Feet: Airstream Treads 
Wrists: Star Summoner Bracers


  • Regorge and Enchants


For reforging you will need to follow the priority of
Hit / Spirit ( to 15% ) > Haste (5273 > Crit > haste > mastery
In short this means you should always reforge out of mastery into Crit or Haste depending on what other stat is on the gear after your Hit capped. If you are hit capped always reforge out of Hit / Spirit first until you’re as close to hit cap as possible ( never under it ).

Enchants are pretty straight forward. Here is what you should generally go for:

Shoulders: Greater Crane Wing Inscription
Back: Enchant Cloak – Superior Intellect 
Chest: Enchant Chest – Glorious Stats 
Wrist: Enchant Bracer – Super Intellect 
Hands: Enchant Gloves – Greater Haste 
Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle 
Legs: Greater Cerulean Spellthread 
Boots: Enchant Boots – Pandaren’s Step – Enchant Boots – Greater Haste 
Weapon: Enchant Weapon – Jade Spirit 
Offhand: Enchant Off-Hand – Major Intellect

  • Consumables and professions

Consumables – Don’t half arse it, you should always be using Flask of the Warm Sun and Food buff you should use is Mogu Fish Stew .
Also remember to use Potion of the Jade Serpent before the pull and during BL or your 2nd set of CD’s.

As for professions choice, Blacksmithing and Tailoring are the two best for a Boomkin, Blacksmithing will gain us 2 extra sockets, equal to +640 crit rating and Tailoring provides us with Lightweave Embroidery 

  • Interface

UI and Getting Started

Personally I wouldn’t even do anything till you download BalancePowerTracker and a DoT timer, I use ForteXorcist but there are many others dot timers out there. BalancePowerTracker is an alternative to the standard Eclipse tracking UI given by Blizzard and will make your life a lot easier, it shows the effect your next spell will have on your eclipse energy saving you having to do the quick mental math. You’re going to want to be able to track your DoT’s on mobs you aren’t targeting so using an addon like tidyplates or Platebuffs can do this, this allows much better control when attempting to multi dot and ‘roll’ dots on a lot of mobs at the same time.

Here is links to the addons I consider a must for playing Boomkin.

Balance Power Tracker

>>>>>> My UI <<<<<<

  • Playstyle

Playing Your Boomkin

First ill introduce a couple of the new spells that boomkins get:

Celestial Alignment – Simultaneously grants us the benefits of both eclipse’s, refreshes the CD on starfall and causes are moonfire to apply the sunfire dot as well

Astral Communion - Allows us to channel for 4 seconds, gaining 25 lunar OR solar energy each second, we can use this to quickly get into an eclipse or to set up for the pull.

First thing you’re going to need to get your head around is the idea of the Eclipse bar and the 4 stages you can be in. Pre Lunar, Lunar Eclipse, Pre Solar and Solar Eclipse.

Pre Lunar – You are building Energy to reach a Lunar Eclipse, you have no bonus damage at this stage. To gain Energy and move towards this Eclipse you cast Wrath. (Starsurge also moves you in the direction your already travelling) During this phase wrath generates 30 energy and Starsurge generates 40 energy

Lunar Eclipse – You are now in Lunar Eclipse, when in this state you receive a minimum 41% damage buff to Arcane Spells + benefits of more mastery on Moonfire, Starfire, Starfall, Starsurge and Hurricane. Upon entering Lunar Eclipse your starfall cooldown will reset and your starsurge + starfires will consume 20 energy

Pre Solar – You are now moving out of a Lunar Eclipse after casting enough Starfire’s/Starsurges and enter a phase where u are moving towards your next eclipse without any damage modifications. During this phase your starsurge’s and your starfire’s will generate 40 energy each

Solar Eclipse – You are now in a Solar Eclipse and receive a 41% damage buff to your Nature spells + more from Mastery on Wrath, Hurricane, Mushrooms, Sunfire, Typhoon and Starsurge. During this phase your wrath will consume 15 energy and your starsurge will consume 20

Basically to move your Eclipse bar, you cast Wrath until Lunar procs and cast Starfire until Solar procs. Gets more complicated when your thinking of when to refresh Dots and also thinking about what Eclipse you want to be at a given time.

  • Rotation

The Rotation

Now it’s time to get into the rotation, In general the Boomkin rotation is fairly simple, we swap between eclipse’s by casting wrath and starfire at the appropriate time while keeping our dots up – Sunfire + Moonfire.

The opener :

Ok so this is the most complicated bit of the Boomkin rotation, Ill list out all the spells in order.

Firstly were going to be casting Astral communion until were one cast off lunar eclipse.

Always remember to pre pot just before the pull.

Then open up with


Here we pop our cooldowns – Incarnation, Nature’s Vigil + Berserk ( if your troll )




Starfire – till 0 energy – replace starfire with a starsurge proc whenever possible

Now we pop Celestial Alignment

Moonfire ( this will now apply sunfire due to Celestial Alignment )
Starfire spam – replace with starsurge whenever possible ( cast this until Celestial alignment ends and we enter solar eclipse )

From here we go back to the normal rotation
Make sure to keep moonfire + sunfire up 100% of the time.
Swap between eclipses, starfall on cooldown
Starsurge on cooldown

The only time we will change the rotation is when our cooldowns come back up, when they do head towards lunar eclipse and repeat the opener.

When movement comes into play the best thing to do is to just spam moonfire + sunfire, this will help maintain your dps with the initial damage as well as saving globals later that would of been spent refreshing dots.


A lot has changed for Boomkin aoe since cataclysm, shrooms have now been aoe capped ( this means that at a certain amount of targets and over our mushrooms will do the same damage, just shared between the mobs ).
Hurricane has now had a massive buff and scales from lunar eclipse and solar eclipse, this means solar is now our aoe eclipse. The best aoe on a lot of targets is to just chain cast hurricane in solar, and multidotting is still good for a smaller amount of targets.

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